The Princess and Driftwood

Day three of the island adventure was so full of fun that I fell asleep at the keyboard before I could type a single word.

We slept in that day but thanks to a very sweet girl at the hotel we were still able to score the complimentary breakfast. After eating we set out for Jekyll island which had been our original destination when we set out on the road.

Jekyll is home to Driftwood Beach which I have seen in dozens of photo shoots. The driftwood is practically entire trees that have washed away from other parts of the island and deposited here in one spot. It is a beautiful area but there are some things that I have to share if you plan to visit. Like with any dead/dying wood, there are creepy crawlies. Roaches and other bugs skitter about so you have to be careful if you’re going to sit for photos. There are also huge broken rocks along the entire shore. You can’t walk across the sand to the beach in that area. We didn’t plan to do that anyway due to current bacteria levels at the island being too high. There were shops and historical buildings but as a whole Jekyll is much less populated and more protected than St Simons. We did stop in at the gift shop and snapped some photos of the older buildings but the beach was calling so we soon left to go back to St Simons.

The sun was bright and there was a slight breeze so we walked down the beach , stopping to talk to people along the way. My Auburn cap got a lot of War Eagles despite there being a ton of Ga Dawg fans everywhere. We popped in to cool off in a beautiful pool at one of the resorts but didn’t stay long because the tide was coming in fast and we had a 7pm departure booked for a casino cruise. We did have time to browse in a few of the shops of St Simons which offer a variety of boutique style fashions. Glancing at the fitness app on my phone, I saw that we managed to walk over seven miles total for the day but then I also noticed it was after 5pm and we rushed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening.

Hair and makeup done, we set out for the Emerald Princess II for a night of gambling and fun. I had to sign a waiver because I was wearing flip flops so I got slightly worried that I might lose all my money and a few toes before the cruise was over.

We began by having dinner which was not quite what we expected but for $10 at least the garlic bread was good. Afterwards we climbed the stairs to the upper observation deck so we could watch the sun set over the water. A lone shrimp boat was following behind us and I joked that Forrest Gump was coming to get us. We chatted with some nice people from Atlanta until the captain announced the casino was open. There were slot machines on two floors and the lower deck also had poker tables, blackjack and roulette. A poster boasted of bingo games later with the final game having a $500 jackpot.

We got a couple sprites and doctored them up with some little bottles of fireball that we happened to find. Delicious!! We played the slots for a while and then I joined the bingo games on the upper deck. Boards were 1 for $5, 3 for $, 5 for $15 and 5 for $20. The jackpot game was 3 special boards for $5 and dabbing markers were a dollar.

I had a $20 and convinced the guy to let me get the dabber for free so I could get 6 boards and the jackpot boards. He even gave me a blue dabber, the only one he had, because it matched my dress.

The games progressed quickly but didn’t produce any bingos for me or my table mates who were a sweet grandma local to St Simons and her grown grandkids from North Georgia.

Soon after bingo, it was 12:15 am and the captain announced the closing of the casino.

Everyone lined up for a late night snack from the galley. Mini breakfast pizzas and sweet tea held everyone over until we docked at 1 am. We joked and talked with other guests and decided there hadn’t been any big winners this trip but at least I had not lost too much money, my flip flops, or any toes.

Back in the car we stopped at a gas station and got more snacks. I had the freshest donut holes I’ve ever tasted and of course an ice cold Dr Pepper. Back in the room we both fell asleep quickly and soundly and were awakened by housekeeping on the dot of 12 noon which was checkout time.

Stay tuned for day four’s adventures which are currently underway. Time to put more than my chair and toes in the water for a while!

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