Yodel Girl and Snackshirt

Day 2 of the impromptu road trip.

We snoozed all of the alarms we had set and slept until about 11am. Skipping breakfast, we put on our bathing suits and headed out.

We stopped at Walmart to get Cindy a contact lens since she had ripped the two she had for that eye. While we waited, we browsed in the store and spent about seventy dollars each on new clothes and cute backpacks for the beach.

Finally on the beach at St Simons around 2pm, we sprayed down with sunscreen and settled in to tan. Corona for Cindy, rum and OJ for me.

During the afternoon we walked along collecting shells, waded to the sandbar island and made mermaids out of sand molds. As we walked back along the shoreline, we came across a woman splayed out in the sand in the position of someone who has passed out. There was a blue childrens floatie beside her and inside was a baby that couldn’t have been more than three months old. The tide was coming in and they were only about five feet from the water’s edge. We looked to be sure the woman was breathing, she was. We looked around for someone who looked like they would be with her. Other beach goers noticed and said she had been laid out for awhile. As she was drawing so much attention, a man came out of the water and shook her to get her up. She rose and went into the water with him following her, leaving the baby on the sand! We watched them until she finally came and sat back down beside the baby and stayed there. Anyone could have snatched that baby! He could have floated away on the tide! These are people who should not have ever reproduced!

The stress was too much so we left the beach and headed back to shower and change for dinner. We pulled up to the hotel and I noticed there was an indoor pool we had not noticed earlier. Someone inside opened the door for us and we jumped into the pool to finish rinsing the sand off before going upstairs. The water was cold so we hopped out of the pool and into the hot tub for a minute. As we were drying off, a security guard came in and asked if we were guests at the hotel. We said yes . He didn’t ask anyone else and walked away. As we came into the main part of the hotel, Cindy decided she was offended that the guard questioned us so we headed to the desk to ask why we were singled out. We rounded the corner to the lobby wrapped in their pool towels and Cindy started fussing at them. Just as she did, I looked up and saw the sign saying Hampton Inn by Hilton. Oh no! Wrong hotel!! I told her our mistake and we apologized profusely while giving back their towels. They were not amused. Back out by the car we cracked up laughing. Our hotel was next door. The two buildings are the same colors. Only we could do something like this.

Once we were cleaned up and ready to go, we stopped at Toucan’s Alehouse which was right beside the hotels. We had really good appetizer of Salty Balls (pretzel bites), steak dinners , and very generous cocktails.

I noticed a photo above the bar and a glass of something beside it so I asked the bartender about it. Cory was a young father who worked at Toucan’s. He was murdered on Saint Patrick’s day 2018. He left behind three children under the age of five. His co-workers learned of his death the following morning and their manager bought a bottle of Hennessey for them to toast their friend. How favorite beverage was Hennessey with Pepsi and a splash of grenadine. This was in the glass beside his picture. Cory’s co-workers raised enough money to pay for his funeral and provide his kids with some things they needed. His father still works at Toucan’s. We raised a silent toast to Cory before we left.

Back in the car, we returned to Saint Simon’s Island to explore the pier and check out a bar we had heard was supposed to be good. The pier was crowded and we saw a teenager a who had caught two little sharks on a single line.

Walking around town, we met a young lady who had been enjoying some drinks and was feeling no pain. She had on overall shorts and a cute top. She indignantly told us that someone had called her Yodel Girl because of the outfit she was wearing. She said the guy was Snackshirt. Her friends said she meant snake shirt as the guy had been wearing a shirt with snakes on it. We assured her that she looked great and took a photo with her. As we were posing, she noticed the one of the stairs of the building beside us said You Are Beautiful.

We continued down the street to find that most every shop and bar was closed or closing. We decided to go back to the hotel, the correct hotel, and turn in so we could get an early start tomorrow as it was just after midnight.

As I’m writing this, we have been sitting by the pool taking silly Snapchat photos and listening to a quite dysfunctional family from SC who came outside to smoke. I won’t say more about them, just believe me when I say they made the Griffin’s on family Guy look like the Brady Bunch. It is currently 3 am and we have shared the hotel mix up story with several people who laughed just as hard as we did.

Cannot wait for tomorrow. We were planning to check out Jekyll Island. Hearing there is flesh eating bacteria in the water one one part of the island but we are not going to trust the bacteria to know where it should and shouldn’t go so there is no telling where we will end up.

See you tomorrow for part 3 of the journey!

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