95 and Winslow

Ever lived the words of a song at the exact moment that the song is playing?

I’ve done it twice and both times it was a surreal experience.

The first time, it was 2010 and I was riding north on Interstate 95 with my then fiancee. We were headed to my son’s graduation from boot camp at Parris Island, SC (Semper Fi). My fiancee always kept a pistol in the truck for protection. The radio was on a country station and Travis Tritt began to sing:

“Well it’s a long way to Richmond

Rolling north on 95

With a redhead riding shotgun

And a pistol by my side ”

Suddenly, I realized I was living the words to that song (Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde) at that moment as it played on the radio!! We weren’t going to Richmond, but everything else fit. It was one of those moments that you think back on in wonder at such a cool coincidence.

Fast forward to 2018 and my bucket list road trip across the country. A planned stop was Winslow, Arizona to stand on the famous corner. I didn’t expect the local gift shops to be playing non-stop Eagles hits but looking back, what else would they have been playing? I was looking at t-shirts trying to decide which one I couldn’t live without when “Take It Easy” began playing. I remember getting very still and then singing along until it got to the famous part about standing on the corner. I stopped singing and almost began to cry. It was amazing to be there in that moment. I think part of the emotion was the sadness that I would not ever see Glenn Frey perform with the Eagles and another part was because I was living out a dream stop from my bucket list. The ladies working in the store nodded and shared a smile. I would imagine they have seen similar reactions from a lot of visitors.

Suddenly, the choice of t-shirt was clear. I became the proud owner of an I Stood on the Corner in Winslow, AZ shirt. Outside I snapped several pictures of the corner and the girl in the flat bed Ford. Down the street seemingly out of nowhere there were four men on horseback. They rode up to the corner and onto the sidewalk. A photographer stepped out and began a photo shoot. I couldn’t resist the chance to get such a magnificent photo in this famous spot and I’m sharing it below. I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you’ve been to Winslow and had that moment or if you have lived in the moment of another song as it played.

Take it Easy friends!

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